The Short Version

About Me

I’m the Learning Experience Architect — I  want to help you turn learning from boring and overwhelming to engaging, impactful and profitable learning experiences! 
Lauren Varlack | Learning Experience Architect
Lauren Varlack - The Learning Architect

Hey Yall!

Hey, I’m Lauren! Nice to meet you! Have you ever felt that feeling when you truly help someone understand something and that spark or the light turn on and everything becomes clear for them? It seems like everything in their life transforms for them right before their eyes… and now they have to the ability and confidence to accomplish anything they dream of? 

That’s me — The Learning Experience Architect — I  want to help you turn learning from boring and overwhelming to engaging, impactful and profitable learning experiences! 

As a wifey, mom, history teacher, instructional designer, and everything else under the sun, it’s quite an experience balancing all of those hats, but my main passion is infusing proven learning strategies and excitement in learning for experts, entrepreneurs and educators so they can empower their students help the take ownership of their learning!

My approach is not just about vomiting a bunch of knowledge or information into a course or learning product; it’s about fostering a dynamic, engaging environment that prepares students for the challenges of the modern world in their careers or businesses. 

Ready to ignite the potential of innovative learning and change the education world? Dive into my world of engaging learning, let’s co-create the future of education, illuminating one idea at a time!

My Philosophy 

Learning Innovation

Embark on a journey of reimagined education with me, Lauren, your Learning Experience Architect. Embracing student-centered and engaged learning, I am committed to transforming traditional education into vibrant, dynamic learning experiences. From the classroom to the digital realm, I foster innovation that empowers minds and celebrates diverse perspectives.

Creative Fusion

Explore the intersection of modern style and Caribbean-infused creativity in my design philosophy. As a history teacher and instructional designer, I bring a unique blend of artistic fluidity and educational pedagogy precision to every project. I’m not just about basic, adverage education; it’s an artful infusion of diverse styles, inviting you to experience learning in its most captivating form.

Harmonizing Education and Innovation

With my guidance, I  represent a harmonious blend of educational wisdom and forward-thinking innovation. Drawing inspiration from the past, I design learning experiences that bridge the gap between traditional educational knowledge and cutting-edge edupreneur ideas. Each learning experience becomes a unique journey, connecting the richness of  education with the possibilities of the future, creating a harmonious and dynamic learning landscape.

The World is Waiting for Your Genius!

Elevate your learning journey and eduprenuer business with me! Ready to redefine education on your terms? Let’s collaborate! I offer personalized learning product solutions for your edupreneur business and for your classroom! Book a consultation today—let’s shape the future of education together! 🌐📚