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I guide experts, educators, and entrepreneurs in applying proven education and classroom learning strategies to elevate their learning products and classroom strategies, leading to both successful sales and enriched student learning experiences.
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Unlock the secrets to effectively harnessing your knowledge and skills for teaching and crafting engaging, profitable learning products by diving into my quizzes—a hands-on learning experience designed to empower you in the science of learning product design and maintenance.

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Discover Your Edupreneur Flava! Find out how your unique personality and vast expertise can come together to create a powerful and profitable personal education brand. Don’t miss this opportunity to uncover your new personal education brand! Take the quiz to find out your special brand personality below!

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Transform your knowledge and expertise into a captivating and impactful learning experience, setting yourself apart from the sea of monotonous information. Click below and discover how to ignite your learning products as captivating experiences, guided by the expertise of Lauren Varlack- Learning Experience Architect!

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Make History Exciting!

History class should be engaging and fun because it really is! It’s human stories written down or told from generation to generation. If you are a first-year world history teacher or a veteran world history teacher, it is possible to have a world history class that is fun, respectful and engaging without overwhelming yourself or sacrificing your time for it! Click below to learn more! 

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Hey, I’m Lauren! Nice to meet you! Have you ever felt that feeling when you truly help someone understand something and that spark or the light turn on and everything becomes clear for them? It seems like everything in their life transforms for them right before their eyes… and now they have to the ability and confidence to accomplish anything they dream of?  That’s me — The Learning Experience ArchitectI  want to help you turn learning from boring and overwhelming to engaging, impactful and profitable learning experiences! 

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Rebel Edupreneurs!

Rebel Edupreneurs Revolutionzing the Education Scene!Hey Genius! I'm Lauren, The Learning Experience Architect!  I want to take you back to a moment that sparked the fire for the movement we're about to join together.The Spark Years ago, I was a starting high school...
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Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of captivating learning expeeriences! I’m here to offer you something special: the chance to book me as a speaker, instructor or coach. Imagine the amazing programs we can accomplish together! We’ll dive into the secrets of creating engaging learning experiences that will make your course or learning product come alive! Don’t miss out on this incredible oppounity to revolutionize the way your students can learn with you. Secure your spot today and get ready for an educational adventure like no other!