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I’m Lauren, The Learning Experience Architect!  I want to take you back to a moment that sparked the fire for the movement we’re about to join together.

Rebel Edupreneurs - Revolutionizing Education

by Lauren V - The Learning Experience Architect | Blog #1

The Spark

Years ago, I was a starting high school history teacher, I found myself standing at the front of a classroom with my students in the midst of a lesson teaching what could be considered a really boring topic; Danish Colonial government. This was when I was a teacher, back home, in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

As I reviewed the information about Danish colonial structure, government and society, I saw the glazed look on my students faces. They couldn’t care less about what I was teaching because it was irrelevant to their personal lives.  Also, the text we were referencing from was not very pleasing to read at all.

I had a big dilemma.

I couldn’t change the topic or move away from it because it was one of the standards they had to learn, but they were entirely bored. I had to figure out a way to bridge the gap.

So, I decided that weekend to recreate all the text for the course into a manageable, readable spiral workbook. I got the comb binder, card-stock paper for the covers, the comb binder combs and had ALL of the text copied at Office Max for a class set of 30 students.  I had paper and comb binder cuts to prove it. Plus, I decided to change up the activity so they could compare our current government to past Danish colonial government in a game-like puzzle format so they could compete with each other in groups.

I had absolutely no idea that I was doing was gamification and this was back in 2003-2004! But I did have this feeling that learning was supposed to be this way.  I wanted to explore this some more, but when I checked my alma mater, the University of the Virgin Islands, there was nothing offered or even a name of what I wanted to do.

So, I pushed it aside. But I still presented my students with awesome learning experiences whether teaching Virgin Islands history or U.S. History. I made sure I gave my students the best possible learning experience they could remember.

Fast forward some years, I’ve earned two degrees. One in Social Science Education and another in Visual Communication, digital design. I got that last degree because I knew people who do what I knew I wanted to do had some background in design. Anyway, I’m a World History high school teacher now and I continue to do the same as I’ve always done – create memorable learning experience for my students.

However, I realized as I created these learning experiences, the same could be applied when I created my online course some years ago when I had my branding business. Then I started analyzing other non-traditional educators or edupreneurs and realized the same issues was happening throughout online courses and other learning products.

This was when I realized my potential to revolutionize education. 

I realized it’s time for me to move the needle from traditional education and basic, boring learning  to a fully engaged, non-traditional teaching and learning experience.

In that moment, I realized the power of education transcends textbooks, lectures, lengthy webinars, overwhelming courses, and lackluster workshops.

It’s about creating experiences that not only inform but transform. This spark set the course for what I’m so excited to share with you today.


About Me

If you don’t know me, I’m Lauren, your Learning Experience Architect and your guide on this journey to revolutionize education in teaching and learning.

That classroom revelation led me to explore what I know now to be instructional design, where I discovered the immense potential of crafting learning experiences that resonate deeply with you.

You may call yourself a thought leader, edupreneur, non-traditional teacher or educator. Nonetheless, you and I have a passion and dedication to create learning experiences are impactful and transformative for our audience who need our expertise to thrive in life.

Now, I’m here to share that passion with you—edupreneurs who are ready to make a mark in the world of education.

The Vision

Let’s play a game of “What If”.

What if there was a community where your expertise isn’t just shared or vomited into blocks of info-holders only to collect email dust, but it was  woven into a tapestry of unforgettable learning journeys?

What if you allowed your genius to be on display to help others become the best version of themselves; helping them foster the dreams they never thought was possible?

What if the genius you possess provides you the ability to not only grow the success of your audience, but also yourself?

Our journey together is about turning those ‘what if’s” into reality. We’re not just building a bunch of courses, workshops, workbooks and other mundane stuff your audience will never use.

Our community is passionate about creating transformative learning experiences that leave a lasting impact and moolah in your pocket as a the cherry on top! 


What to Expect

In the upcoming weeks, the light will turn on illuminating my world engaging, student-centered course design, workshop creation, and other learning products and experiences.

Brace yourself for a mix of practical and proven teaching and learning tips, captivating stories, and a touch of inspiration.

This is more than a blog—it’s like the HBCU empowered edupreneurs!

Join Us!

This isn’t a solo experience!

I want to hear your tales, your challenges, and your victories. The comments section is our shared quad space where ideas flow freely. Let’s make this space a hub for shared knowledge and growth.

So, are you ready to enlighten the world with creativity, collaboration, and epic education?

Let’s Light it Up!

Lauren Varlack

Lauren Varlack

The Learning Experience Architect

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