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Lauren Varlack - Learning Experience Consultant
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Welcome! Hey, I’m Lauren, here to empower experts, educators, and entrepreneurs to create innovative learning experiences!

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Discover how I guide experts , educators, and entrepreneurs in applying classroom proven-learning strategies to elevate their courses, programs and classroom, leading to both successful sales and enriched student learning experiences.


Branding for Experts

Brand Ya Flava

Brand Ya Flava helps Black experts, educators and entepreneurs find their special niche and message they want to teach to their audience in a culturally dynamic and authentically engaging experience in their personal brands that will empower their students or clients to experience impactful transformations and help change the world one lesson at a time. You have a special gift or lesson to share with the world, let me help you figure out how to get it to the masses.

Brand Ya Flava- Branding for Experts by Lauren Varlack

Course Creation Success

SMART Courses

You’ve built your very own expertise or educator brand and you’re all set to teach others and create a course or program. But, where do you start? Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed putting all of your knowledge together or even trying to teach it! You hold on for months or even years before you even start creating your course or program. You can begin right here with SMART Courses where I’ll show you how to revolutionize your courses from the beginning for student success and awesome sales success for you. Let’s make your educational dreams come true!

Smart Courses | Creating Learning Experiences

Classroom Adventures

The History Vibe with Ms. V

History class should be engaging and fun because it really is! It’s human stories written down or told from generation to generation. However, much of teaching history has gotten caught up in delivering as much content as possible and standards rather than getting to the themes and understanding each other as humans which is what matters most. If you are a first-year history teacher or even a veteran history teacher like myself, it is possible to have an awesome history class that is fun, respectful and engaging without sacrificing your life and life savings for it! It’s time to bring the vibes to your history class. Let me show you how I do it! 

The History Vibe with Lauren

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Lauren Varlack - Learning Experience Specialist

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Get ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of captivating learning expeeriences! I’m here to offer you something special: the chance to book me as a speaker, instructor or coach. Imagine the amazing programs we can accomplish together! We’ll dive into the secrets of creating engaging learning experiences that will make your course or program come alive! Don’t miss out on this incredible oppounity to revolutionize the way your audience can learn with you. Secure your spot today and get ready for an educational adventure like no other!